The perfect tan the whole year round



A slightly tanned body is what most of us want for summer. But even if the sun is shining all day long, you won’t get dark if you sit in the office 24/7.
If you don’t want to stay light, I would recommend using a self-tanner.


Most self-tanning product don’t enjoy a good reputation, since they will apply streaky or look orange. If you want to disclaim this orange look, you’d better use a cream which will build up its darkness little by little.

Gradual Tan by St.Tropez

My favorite gradual tanning product is the “gradual Tan” by St.Tropez.
It is kind of a “normal” moisturizer, but it will leave you more tanned every day.
I will apply the cream before I go to bed and wake up with a slight tan.
For better results, I am peeling my skin beforehand and I apply a tiny amount my everyday moisturizer on especially dry areas, like my elbows and knees.
The tanning Lotion is best applied with a tanning mit, since it has a very soft canvas, which will blend out the product beautifully, so you won’t ende up looking streaky.
Have you made any experience with self-tanning products yet?





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