Styling Tool Favorites


There are so many styling tools out there, that it’s quite hard to decide what you really do need. The decision might vary on the type of hair you have. But for now I want to show you some of my favorite tools.

1. A good hairdryer is essential for my everyday styling. Even if I try to let my hair air dry as often as possible, it is nice to have this tool on hand. The better the quality, the faster the drying. And also the results will be much nicer, if you invest in a high quality product.
Hint: Do not raise the heat of the dryer to much. It is way better for your hair, if you’d only upshift the power of the blow-dryer. And do not forget your heat protection!

2. Speaking of heat protection: With the next tool, it is even more important to not miss this step in your routine. The hair straightener heats up quite a lot and to protect your hair from the heat, you should use an protection and try to keep the heat as low as possible.
I would personally recommend buying a straightener with a curved canvas. That will give you the opportunity to straighten, but also curl your hair. With some practicing it is super easy and you save on buying an extra tool like an curling iron.

3. My third favorite is the round-brush and to be honest, I only discovered this one as a favorite of mine some months ago. The typical round-brush is not meant to be your everyday hair brush, since it is way to irritating on your scalp. (Unless you use a brush with natural bristles) I use my round-brush to create some simple blow outs. If you practice it isn’t as hard as it seems, and the big benefit of this hairstyle is, that it lasts for several days.

4. My absolute favorite product is the Tangle Teezer. This little helper is magical!
It helps me to brush my hair even if it’s wet and it get’s rid of every knot.
Normally your hair is really prone to damaging if it’s wet, but this brush glides through your hair like nothing else.

5. My last but not least favorite is the comb.
This one seems really unspectacular but in fact it helps me with a lot of my stylings.
I use it to tease my routs, which gives me the appearance of very voluminous hair.


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